The maritime exploits of a suburban housewife … and her sister with a camera

Above is a screen shot from the Seattle Space Needle Panocam of the Encore leaving this afternoon at 5pm.

My sister texted me early this morning, well 7:45, but I hadn’t had my first cup of coffee yet, so yes, early! She was excited that my cruise was coming up in two weeks. It hit me, OMG, we’re leaving in two weeks!

In my defense, it’s been super busy these past couple of weeks, and while I can’t say it slipped my mind, I had shuffled cruise planning to the back burner.  (And yes, I’m hanging my head in shame.) Being a list maker, or at least a list scribbler, I grabbed my pen started making notes. Scribbling furiously and every now and then popping into the living room to ask my husband, “Didn’t we get extra ziplock bags last time we were at the store?” or “where’s the cheapy power cord, the one without the surge protector?” or “would you throw a dryer sheet in the suitcase to air it out?” or, most importantly, “do you remember where I put the luggage tags NCL sent us?” My husband, who has the uncanny knack for knowing where random things are in the house and garage, sighed, drank his coffee, and said to give him the list when I was done.

So, now that I’m done, here’s my list of must bring essentials. I trust you know to pack clothes, a camera, phone and battery chargers, prescripton meds and the like. laughing

  • Power strip WITHOUT a surge protector. Between phones, kindles, cameras and laptop, we have half a dozen or more things that will need charging. Never having been on a Norwegian ship before, I’m not sure of the cabin layout, but the cabins I’ve been in on other cruise lines usually have 2 outlets in the cabin and 1 or 2 in the bathroom.
    • Onboard voltage levels on a ship differ from those in cities, so surge protectors and extension cords are not allowed due to the risk of electrical malfunction and fire.  And remember to unplug the power strip when not in use.
  • Ziplock bags. Really. They’re waterproof and useful for storing so much more than snacks. Like jewelry, important docs, or toiletries (I once had a travel size container of conditioner explode inside my toiletry bag. Took me forever to clean it up.) And I throw a couple in my pocket when I head out on shore excursions too.
  • Binoculors. Because while we’re likely to see whales from our cabin, they won’t be close, and we’re on deck 14, way up there.
  • A water resistant tote bag or backpack. Since my camera becomes surgically attached during a cruise, I need a bag I can hang over my shoulder to hold the hat and gloves I might need, shopping purchases or whatever. I generally throw in a hand towel to dry/wipe off myself, a seat, or whatever else may need wiping off. Usually I rely on my sister to bring hers, but she’s not joining me this time, and I will have to carry my own. (Gasp!)
  • Comfortable walking shooes. Because if your feet aren’t happy, you’re not happy.

Since the Space Needle’s Panocam is working again, I grabbed a couple of screen shots of the Encore.

Also from the Space Needle, here’s the Encore arrive at 6am this morning.

Here she is, docked at Pier 66 at mid-day.