The maritime exploits of a suburban housewife … and her sister with a camera

Helping Mom sort through some old photos, I got transported via the Way-Back machine to the SS Statendam, September 1959.

(Header photo courtesy of Ocean Liner Art.)


muster drill SS Statendam 1959

Muster drill, SS Statendam, 1959. My parents are at the far right. Everyone looks about as excited as they do nowadays, just better dressed.

Dining room SS Statendam 1959

My parents in the dining room, SS Statendam IV, 1959.

And for fun, I scanned the wine list and saved it as a PDF.

The SS Statendam, the fourth of her name, was built in 1956, sold by Holland America in 1984 and finally scrapped in 2004.

Her stats:

Tonnage 24,294 gross tons
Length 642 ft (195.7 m)
Beam 81 ft (24.7 m)
Speed 16.5 knots (30.6 km/h)
Capacity 881 passengers


Quite a difference from the MS Nieuw Statendam, built in 2018:

Tonnage 99,902 gross tons
Length 983 feet 5 in (299.75 m)
Beam 114 ft 10 in (35 m)
Speed 18 knots (33 km/h; 21 mph)
Capacity 2,666 passengers