The maritime exploits of a suburban housewife … and her sister with a camera

Royal Caribbean’s Serenade of the Seas is in Juneau today, and you can get a good look at her on the Juneau webcam: There’s a tender at the bow, and you can watch crew members (I’m guessing since all the rain jackets are dark) move around, including on what I call the “wing” extension. Looks like one of them is painting (?) as he reaches down periodically into a bucket by his feet. There’s the occasional passenger or port staff walking down to the pier. And if you’re really bored, you can watch the rain drops crawl across the camera lens. laughing

She’s a good size ship (90,090 tons, 2100 passengers). More than 90% of visitors to Southeast Alaska arrive by cruise ship, so I imagine there will be some very happy shop, restaurant and tour operators. Though the weather looks damp and foggy, and may not be good for views from the top of Mount Roberts, it’s good whale watch weather. Plus there’ll be no sun glare and reflection off the water to wash out photographs.

(Image from the PTZtv webcam)