The maritime exploits of a suburban housewife … and her sister with a camera

Oh Boy!  Just 8 days until our cruise. I finally firmed up my Ketchikan plans. (Read my 2018 post on Ketchikan planning.)

We’ll be in Ketchikan from 8am to 5pm, so a nice long port day.  I booked an early excursion, Lighthouse, Totems & Eagles, one that I’ve not done before. The description:

  • You’ll cruise out of Ward Cove on your way to the Guard Island Lighthouse, established in 1901 and still in operation today.
  • No other excursion offers this itinerary, nor offers a view of Totem Bight State Park from the water.
  • You’ll be treated to panoramic views of 14 towering, hand-carved Tlingit & Haida totem poles and the Alaska Native clan house at Totem Bight State Park.
  • Your Captain will share the navigational intrigue around Alaska’s Danger Island and you’ll circumnavigate or have clear view of a total of 12 islands on your tour route. Many of these islands are inhabited only by Alaska’s wildlife.
  • Enjoy complimentary hot chocolate, coffee, tea, water, soft drinks as well as a tasting of local Alaskan delicacies, including our signature smoked salmon dip.

Sounds like a lot of fun to me, and a good workout for my camera!

I booked the early excursion because Ketchikan is my favorite place to shop and I’ll have more than 4 hours to do so once I get back from the excurion. I fully intend to buy myself an anniversary present at the Arctic Spirit Gallery, in addition to gifts for my family back home. Hubby won’t know what hit him.  wink